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Match Ratings from the Energy’s first win at Taft in 670 days

The Energy ended a long winded streak by winning their first game at Taft in 670 days.

After capitalizing on a penalty kick opportunity to end the match 1-0, the greens have now recorded their second win and clean sheet in a row.

Here are tonight's match ratings:

CJ Cochran: 6

Besides a few key saves here and there, CJ Cochran had a quiet night. The defensive line made key stops and did not allow Sporting KC many shots on goal.

Ellis Hayden: 6

Zachary Ellis-Hayden began the game eagerly moving too far forward, leaving a gap on his side of the field.

But after making a few adjustments, he began tracking back more to deliver critical stops. Ellis-Hayden kept the Energy strong while still distributing the ball for offensive opportunities.

Conor Donovan: 7

Leading the defensive charge tonight was Conor Donovan. His steady presence gave the Greens every chance to feel comfortable moving forward.

He provided powerful clears when necessary and when he received possession he consistently took his space and pushed the play forward.

Donovan’s reliability was the calm force that kept the defense organized throughout the match.

Mitch Osmond: 5

Aside from a great sliding save in minute 41, Mitch Osmond’s game remained average.

He did not make any major mistakes in the defensive third but he did not have an overly positive impact on the match either. In many situations he remained neutral in his approach and allowed Donovan to take the lead.

Sam Rogers: 5

It is evident that Sam Rogers is still finding his spot on the Energy. He stopped Sporting KC’s efforts on the left side of the field. Rogers also began connecting with the midfield to build the foundation for different types of play.

Although he was hesitant in some instances, he grew more confident as the game continued.

Hiroki Kurimoto: 7

Keeping distribution channels open, Hiroki Kurimoto was constantly moving. He did a great job of being an open option for any player.

Kurimoto kept possession and created chances to move the play forward. He was able to win the ball back in the middle and work well in limited space.

Aidan Daniels: 5

Contributing to the Energy’s momentum moving forward was Aidan Daniels. He added a burst of energy to the midfield and kept constant pressure on Kansas City.

Daniels was able to connect with players quickly as well as maintain possession for the greens.

Charlie Ward: 6

Charlie Ward kept control of the middle tonight for Oklahoma City. He continuously found space to open up the field for other players and distribute the ball.

Winning battles in the midfield, allowed the Energy to gain back possession and maintain command of the game.

Arun Basuljevic: 4

With Frank Lopez and Villyan Bijev being so active in the offensive third, it was difficult for Arun Basuljevic to find chances to score. He got beat consistently on the wing and did not connect with teammates to build possession.

Frank Lopez: 5

Lopez played with obvious tenacity and hunger. From the beginning of the match it was evident his eyes were glued to the back of the net Unfortunately for the Energy, his feet could not quite finish the job.

He created various chances to score in the offensive third. Lopez missed a wide open shot after he went one-on-one against Sporting KC’s keeper in minute 41. Following halftime he forged two very close opportunities but could not find the back of the net.

Villyan Bijev: 7

Bijev was constantly badgering Sporting KC’s defense. After Kansas City was called for a handball in the box, the Energy looked to Bijev to take the penalty kick.

He shot the ball in the bottom right corner, but initially Sporting KC’s keeper blocked the shot. Luckily for Oklahoma City Bijev was quick to respond to the rebound. He crashed the ball into the back of the net, scoring the Energy’s only goal of the night in minute 45.

Bijev was Subbed off in minute 70.


Tucker Stephenson: 5

Tucker Stephenson entered the match in minute 70. Coming into the game late, did not bode well for him in terms of him finding his rhythm.

Stephenson did not control the ball well and gave Sporting KC few strong looks on frame. Yet he was able to make a few good plays here and there.

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