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Match Ratings from OKC’s 1-0 loss to Birmingham Legion

In the 1-0 defeat to The Birmingham Legion, the OKC Energy never found an offensive footing in the downpour of rain.

Both sides struggled to find any sustained rhythm and outside of one Bruno Lapas goal, there weren’t many highlights to speak of.

Here are the ratings for tonight’s match.

C.J. Cochran: 6

Following an early save on a Legion set piece, the goalkeeper was largely untested, a credit to both the Energy defense and the heavy rainfall deterring the attack of both teams. He had another save in the 39th minute that was booted directly into his chest.

The 49th minute Birmingham goal was not Cochran’s fault, as the center of the defense was fooled by a dummy run that freed up Bruno Lapa for a well placed strike.

Robert Coronado: 5

A good performance for a defender can be an uneventful one, and that’s what the right back’s first half was. Birmingham regularly attacked the center of the Energy defense, leaving Coronado’s left side frequently vacant.

The second half began very differently for Coronado as he was beaten down the right sideline by Jonathan Dean who sent in a well-placed cross to Bruno Lapa who netted the match‘s first goal in the 49th minute.

He didn’t have any more glaring mistakes, although he was unable to provide his usual offensive support at the level he had in previous matches.

Mitch Osmond: 7

Starting his performance with a picture-perfect tackle on the left sideline, the defender thwarted his share of Birmingham attacks early on. He continued his strong play into the second half, seeming to be unaffected by the ongoing rain.

Although he provided a strong showing, he struggled to connect on any crosses late, as he was able to net one last weekend.

Conor Donovan: 6

The captain was up to his usual high standard of defensive impact in the first half. He connected on a good percentage of his passes to the midfield, continuing to show why the club is so excited about the newly acquired center back.

Allowing an early second half goal always hurts, but Donovan played well as a whole, clearing many Birmingham chances throughout the final 45 minutes.

Sam Rogers: 6

Using his usual high skill on the ball, the energy utilized Rogers to facilitate from the back on a number of first half attacks. His offensive impact was on full display, accompanied by some timely clearances.

As the rain continued to pour, Rogers wasn’t utilized as heavily following the Birmingham goal. He was substituted off for Zachary Ellis-Hayden in the 73rd minute.

Hiroki Kurimoto: 5

It seemed like every midfielder on both side struggled with their progressive touches and long passes, and Kurimoto was no exception to the elemental impact the first half rain had. By no means was he a liability, however his usual crisp short passing was definitely affected.

The second half was much of the same, as there were few and far between offensive threats for OKC. Playing the full 90 minutes, Kurimoto played well defensively although he spent much of the second half moved up to find an equalizer.

Aidan Daniels: 5

In his 100th USL Championship appearance, the midfielder regularly attacked the middle of the Birmingham defense early on, although he was unable to find a rhythm with any of OKC’s attackers.

The midfield failed to stop many of the Birmingham attacks in the second half, while OKC was focused on getting up field, searching for the equalizer. Daniels struggled to display his full offensive arsenal.

Frank Lopez: 5

Starting at forward for OKC, Lopez returned to the starting lineup for the first time this season. He pressed the Legion back line regularly, although he was unable to test the goalkeeper in the first half.

Unfortunately, Lopez was a victim of the lacking offensive play tonight, and when he did receive the ball in the attacking spaces, he lost a few possessions and struggled to either lay the ball off or capitalize.

He was substituted off for Jaime Lopez in the 73rd minute.

Tucker Stephenson: 5

The conditions sent many crosses and long balls askew, and the left winger was unable to establish connections with the midfielders early on.

Stephenson played the full 90 minutes, and did his best to contribute but he and the rest of the Energy attack never found a real footing in this match.

Arun Basuljevic: 5

Unable to capitalize on potential chances in the first 45 minutes on the right side, Basuljevic didn’t make his usual contribution of offensive impact, although neither did anyone else.

Still unable to establish a rhythm in the match, he was substituted off for Charlie Ward in the 64th minute.

Jonathan Brown: 6

Starting up top for OKC, the forward was booked for a yellow card early and was lucky to escape a second with a missed high-kick late in the first half. His runs were unable to be rewarded, limiting his ability to impact the match.

He was substituted off for Kodai Iida in the 82nd minute.


Charlie Ward: n/a

Kodai Iida: n/a

Zachary Ellis-Hayden: n/a

Jaime Chavez: n/a

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