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Match Ratings from OKC's 1-0 defeat at the hands of Atlanta United 2

In the first ever matchup between the two clubs, the Oklahoma City Energy fell to Atlanta United 2 by a score of 1-0.

Undone by a Phillip Goodrum goal in the 62nd minute, the Energy’s missed opportunities early in the second half came back to bite them, losing their second straight game to start the season.

With Jaime Chavez, Frank Lopez, Charlie Ward and Zach Ellis-Hayden still not fit, John Pascarella made just one change from the starting 11 he rolled out last Saturday against FC Tulsa.

Though they looked sturdier at the back for large stretches of the game, they were still unable to be enough of a threat in front of goal to get a result.

Here are the match ratings from tonight’s game:

C.J. Cochran: 7

C.J. Cochran was steady again for the Energy, logging a pair of nice saves in the first half to keep the game level.

There wasn’t much he could do about Atlanta’s lone goal, as the defense got caught sleeping and let Goodrum through for the point-blank attempt on goal.

Robert Coronado: 6

Robert Coronado was steady for the most part at the back, but he’s yet to flash his playmaking ability down the left side that he was known for at Rio Grande Valley. It appears Coronado and Villyan Bijev aren’t quite on the same page yet, as the duo didn’t much threaten the Atlanta back line.

Mitch Osmond: 6

Slotted beside the captain, Osmond and Conor Donovan improved the box defending for much of the first half.

However, a miscommunication between Osmond, Donovan and Hiroki Kurimoto gave way to the lone Atlanta goal of the night.

Conor Donovan: 7

Scoring the lone goal against FC Tulsa, Donovan again looked to be the Energy’s best goal threat in the box. Presented with three nice chances in the second half, Donovan was unable to connect and pull the Energy level.

Donovan was caught watching Goodrum though, allowing an uncontested shot on Cochran’s net.

Mueng Sunday: 5

Mueng Sunday had the unsavory job of playing out of position to hold down the Energy’s right side of the defense while Atlanta looked to overload and work behind him.

Attempting to push up and help the attack, Sunday was often tasked with sprinting all the way in after Oklahoma City gave up possession, he had some good moments in the first half to help the Energy lock things down near the box and keep a first half clean sheet.

Hiroki Kurimoto: 6

Sitting in front of the Oklahoma City defense, Kurimoto wasn’t given much opportunity to get into the attack and pull the strings from his deep lying position.

The midfielder did appear to miscommunicate with Donovan on the lone Atlanta goal, as he appeared to try and draw Goodrum offside instead of picking up his run through the OKC defense.

Aidan Daniels: 5

For a vast stretch of his time on the field, Daniels failed to make a major impact. Saddled with defensive duties in the midfield, he did almost produce a moment of magic late in the first half.

Playing a perfectly weighted pass to Jonathan Brown, the OKC forward wasn’t on the same page with Daniels, as he tried to deflect the ball back into Daniels’ path instead of turning to have a go himself.

Villyan Bijev: 5

Unable to provide a massive threat for most of the first half, Bijev did receive the ball in a dangerous area near the top of the box for the Energy.

Instead of turning to fire off a shot, the winger appeared to attempt to back heel an attempt on frame, where it took a deflection and rolled out for a corner.

Though the wingers and forwards weren’t afforded much service, the former Sacramento Republic player should offer more threat on goal as Oklahoma City trudges deeper into the season.

Kodai Iida: 6.5

Kodai Iida was active all night down the right flank, heavily involved in both the attack and the defense.

Though Atlanta ran most of their offense down the left flank, getting in behind Iida and Sunday, the Energy duo was able to track back in and help nullify the attacks in their own box.

Iida played a role in a few attacks to connect the defense with the forwards in the first half, but was unable to find the final ball and force a breakthrough for the Energy.

Arun Basuljevic: 6

Playing a bit deeper into the midfield, Basuljevic was unable to get into the attack and create as much as he would like.

Always working back in though, Basuljevic did his part to try and help plug up the OKC midfield.

Jonathan Brown: 6

Filling in for the missing Chavez and Lopez, Brown was tasked with running the channels and initiating the OKC press against FC Tulsa.

Though he was unable to really threaten the Atlanta keeper, he did his part to keep the center halves on their toes and contenting to pressure the back line in possession.


Tucker Stephenson: 6

Coming on to relieve Iida, Stephenson played fine in his brief cameo. Carrying the ball down the right flank nicely, he was unable to find the final pass to unlock the Atlanta defense and help level the game for the Energy.

Brad Dunwell: N/A

Sam Rogers: N/A

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